Vaughan Smith, a freelance video journalist, believes that technology has revolutionised journalism. He asserts the mobile phone has become a tool for reporting news, and the internet has democratised the media by allowing anyone to publish news. Smith also suggests that traditional media outlets are failing to adapt to the digital era, which is causing them to lose their influence.

Smith runs the Frontline Club, a hub for independent journalists based in London. He states that the club aims to promote quality journalism and provide a space for journalists to discuss the challenges they face. Smith believes that the future of journalism lies in independent reporting, and he encourages journalists to embrace technology to tell their stories.

Smith also highlights the importance of trust in journalism. He argues that the public’s faith in the media is declining due to the increasing prevalence of fake news. Smith suggests that journalists must prioritise accuracy over speed to regain the public’s trust. He also emphasises the need for journalists to be transparent about their sources and methods to improve their credibility.

Smith’s vision for the future of journalism is one where independent journalists use technology to report the news accurately and transparently. He believes that this approach will restore the public’s trust in the media and ensure the survival of quality journalism.

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