Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab, has expressed his concerns about the future of artificial intelligence (AI). He emphasises the importance of understanding AI as a complex system, rather than a simple tool. Ito suggests that the development of AI should be focused on nurturing and raising, rather than programming. He believes that the current approach to AI, which emphasises coding and rules, is flawed. Instead, Ito proposes a shift in perspective, viewing AI as a living, evolving entity.

Ito is worried about the potential misuse of AI, particularly by large corporations and governments. He warns that these entities could use AI to manipulate individuals and societies, leading to a loss of privacy and personal freedom. He calls for a more ethical approach to AI development, which respects human rights and prioritises the common good.

Ito also stresses the need for diversity in the AI field. He argues that AI should be developed by a wide range of people, from different backgrounds and perspectives. This, he believes, will help to ensure that AI benefits all of society, rather than just a select few. Ito’s vision for AI is one of inclusivity, ethics, and respect for human values.

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