Nikola Tesla, known for his pioneering work in the field of electricity, was a firm believer in the power of imagination and the importance of being alone. He asserted that being alone is when ideas are born. This solitude, according to Tesla, allows one to think clearly and sparks creativity. Tesla also emphasised the potency of the imagination, viewing it as a preview of life’s forthcoming attractions. He believed that the imaginative faculty is the most important because everything we create, first exists in our imagination.

Tesla also maintained that our greatest weakness lies in giving up, advocating that the key to success is trying just one more time. He asserted that the path to success involves rigorous analysis and constant questioning. He also held that the human brain, while a receiver, has the ability to improve. He viewed the brain as a soft-wired device, capable of being reprogrammed and improved through learning and experience.

Tesla’s views on energy were also radical for his time. He believed in the existence of a ‘universal medium’ that we exist within, which could be harnessed for energy. According to Tesla, this energy could be used to power the world, a concept that is still being explored today.

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