Nimble HR, a new tool designed to streamline the hiring process, is likened to Trello for recruitment. It offers a visual approach to managing job applications, allowing recruiters to drag and drop candidates through the different stages of the process. The tool also provides an overview of all open positions, with each job post represented by a card.

Nimble HR includes features such as automated job postings and integrated application forms, which can be customised to fit specific needs. The tool also allows for easy communication between recruiters and candidates, with the ability to send messages directly from the platform.

Nimble HR is not the only tool offering a visual approach to recruitment. Other platforms, such as Recruitee and Workable, also provide similar features. However, Nimble HR stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly interface. Despite being a relatively new entrant in the market, it has already garnered positive reviews for its functionality and ease of use.

The tool is currently available for free, but a premium version with additional features is expected to be launched soon. The premium version will include features such as advanced search and analytics, as well as integration with other HR tools.

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