Ocee Design offers a wealth of resources for professionals in the design and architecture industry. Users can access a broad range of materials, from product brochures to fabric and finishes guides, all aimed at enhancing their design projects. The product brochures provide detailed information about Ocee’s range, including specifics about designs, dimensions, and materials. For those seeking in-depth knowledge of fabrics and finishes, the guides offer a comprehensive overview, with an emphasis on sustainability.

Alongside these resources, Ocee Design also provides CAD files and Revit families. These digital tools are invaluable for architects and designers, enabling them to integrate Ocee’s products into their own designs seamlessly.

Another significant resource is the environmental product declarations (EPDs). These documents provide transparent, verified, and comparable information about the lifecycle environmental impact of products. They are instrumental for professionals aiming to design more sustainably.

Finally, Ocee Design has a dedicated YouTube channel. Here, viewers can find product videos, interviews with designers, and insights into the manufacturing process. This visual resource is a rich source of inspiration and information for professionals in the design and architecture industry.

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