Zoran Mandlbaum, known as the ‘Mostar Schindler’, passed away recently. A Bosnian Jew, Mandlbaum was famous for his humanitarian efforts during the Bosnian War, despite the risk to his own life. He helped around 1,200 people escape from the war-torn city of Mostar, earning him comparisons to Oskar Schindler.

Mandlbaum was born in Mostar and lived there until his death. He was a prominent figure in the city’s Jewish community, and his loss is deeply felt. His actions during the war were motivated by a deep sense of moral duty, rather than any political or religious affiliation.

His humanitarian work continued after the war. Mandlbaum played an essential role in the rebuilding of the city’s synagogue, which had been destroyed during the war. He also worked to promote interfaith dialogue and reconciliation in the city, which remains divided along ethnic lines.

Despite the respect he garnered for his actions, Mandlbaum remained humble. He insisted that he was not a hero, merely a man who did what he felt was right. His legacy continues to inspire those who strive for peace and reconciliation in the region.

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