Undercurrent, a consulting firm, is now operating as an open-source organisation. This shift is in response to a growing demand for transparency and inclusivity in business. The company has made its internal documents, including its operating manual, available to the public. The decision to open-source its operations is based on the belief that transparency offers the potential for growth, improvement, and collaboration.

Undercurrent’s operating manual, known as The OS Canvas, is a tool that outlines the company’s organisational structure, culture, and processes. It is designed to be a living document that evolves with the company. The manual is now publicly accessible, allowing other organisations to learn from Undercurrent’s experiences and practices.

This move towards open-sourcing reflects Undercurrent’s commitment to adaptability and innovation. The firm believes that by sharing its knowledge and experiences, it can help inspire and inform other businesses. The decision is also seen as a way to hold the company accountable to its values and goals, and to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

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