Smile Savers Hungary offers a diverse range of dental treatments at competitive prices. A consultation and treatment plan is available for £25, while a panoramic X-ray costs £40. Dental implants start from £399, with the price varying depending on the material used. Crown treatments are priced from £185 and root canal treatments start at £85. For aesthetic dentistry, teeth whitening starts at £185 and porcelain veneers cost from £185. Orthodontic treatments including braces start from £850.

For those seeking a complete dental makeover, full mouth restoration packages are available, encompassing a combination of treatments to improve overall oral health and appearance. The price for this comprehensive service is provided upon consultation.

Smile Savers Hungary also offers a range of general dental services. Tooth extractions are priced from £40, while fillings start at £40. The cost for a deep cleaning, also known as a scale and polish, starts at £40 per quadrant.

The clinic provides a two-year guarantee on all work carried out, offering peace of mind to clients. Additionally, Smile Savers Hungary provides assistance with travel and accommodation arrangements, ensuring a stress-free experience for patients travelling from abroad.

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