Interesting things we have found this week about building 21st Century business

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Lee Bryant reflects on 2014 and looks ahead to 2015.

We still have a few places left for our upcoming workshop, co-hosted by Abhay Adhikari on Employee-driven Digital Identity.

We will be running a Masterclass at the E2.0 Summit Paris on adoption techniques to revive internal social platforms.

We are looking for talented people to join our team.



How Amazon’s R&D, Lab126, is going through a rough re-org to regain advantages of working as start-up.

Report on the challenges & opportunities, which the Inc 500 companies are facing from an HR perspective.

Research argues that GM’s decline was caused by legacy management practices.



MIT’s list of top technology failures of 2014.

Sinofsky’s view on the vast potential of integrating technology in the workplace.

The blockchain explained.



What are the right skills, training and mind-set for future business leaders ?

How MBA programs are trying to get with the digital ethos.

Companies must support employees in their personal knowledge management to successfully develop organisational knowledge.



Adopting Enterprise 2.0 in large organisations: Fiat or Ferrari? (2010)