Interesting things we have found this week about building 21st Century business

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We are looking for some smart people to join our team. Is that you?

Only a few spots are left for our Employee-driven Digital Identity Workshop.



MIT’s ranking of the 50 smartest companies of 2014.

Keynote by Bill Gross (founder of Idealab) on how he innovates and other lessons (video).

Could Decelerators help organisations innovate by slowing down and providing space to find perspective and purpose?



How Haier uses ‘Catfish management’, which give shadow leaders a mandate to replace their team lead if the team supports them.

How Morning Star uses a self-management and commitment system for accountability.

How Percolate creates its own technology tools mix to support rapid grow.



10 breakthrough technologies in deep learning.

Baidu’s deep learning initiatives and research explorations (not products).



GE’s journey to implement DevOps and agile methodology.

The use of DevOps practices is growing significantly, but cultural shifts in the organisations are required for making the most of it.



Back to the Future with Kevin Werbach (2003).