CoachingOurselves is a peer-coaching programme designed to help managers develop their leadership skills. Built on the principles of social learning, reflective practice, and experiential learning, the programme enables managers to learn from each other in small groups. The programme is based on 90-minute modules that cover a variety of topics, guided by world-leading management thinkers.

The peer-coaching approach is seen as a cost-effective and efficient way to develop management skills. It fosters a culture of continuous learning and improvement within organisations. The programme is used by over 20,000 managers in more than 8 languages worldwide.

CoachingOurselves also offers a certification programme for internal and external coaches and consultants. The certification provides them with the tools and knowledge to facilitate peer-coaching sessions. The programme has received endorsements from several leading management thinkers, including Henry Mintzberg, who is a co-founder of CoachingOurselves.

The website provides a range of resources, including free downloads, videos, and articles on peer-coaching. It also offers a free trial of the programme for interested managers and organisations.

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