PeerIndex, a London-based technology firm, specialises in mapping the social web. It has developed a sophisticated technology platform that can identify, rank, and score influencers on social media, helping brands connect with their audience more effectively. The firm’s unique selling point is its ability to map a person’s online ‘fingerprint’ and assess their influence in real-time.

To date, PeerIndex has indexed over 300 million social media profiles and has built a significant data asset. The firm’s technology can analyse up to 10 billion social signals, providing valuable insights into consumer behaviour.

Having raised £500,000 in seed funding, PeerIndex is now seeking £500,000 in equity crowdfunding on Seedrs. The funds will be used to expand the team, invest in marketing, and further develop the technology. The firm has a pre-money valuation of £6.5 million, with a projected revenue of £1 million for 2014.

The team behind PeerIndex includes experienced entrepreneurs and technologists. The firm’s advisory board comprises seasoned executives from Google and Yahoo. The firm’s ambitious plans include becoming the global standard for influence measurement and monetising its data asset by selling access to marketers and researchers.

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