Quantified Self, Quantified Organisation, and Organised Self are three concepts exploring the relationship between technology and human behaviour. Quantified Self refers to individuals using technology to track personal data, from fitness to sleep patterns, to better understand and optimise their lives. Quantified Organisation applies similar principles to businesses, using data analysis to improve productivity and efficiency.

The Organised Self, however, is a more complex concept. It suggests that as technology becomes more integrated into our lives, we start to organise ourselves around it, altering our behaviours and routines to fit with technology’s demands and capabilities. It’s not just about using technology to improve our lives, but about how technology is changing us.

There’s a concern that this could lead to a loss of individuality, with people becoming mere data points. But it’s also possible that technology could enhance our individuality, by freeing us from mundane tasks and giving us more time to focus on what makes us unique. The key is to ensure that technology serves us, rather than the other way around. It’s a delicate balance, and one that will require careful thought and planning as technology continues to evolve.

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