Somewhere, a visual-based professional networking platform, has secured new investment from prominent backers. This Berlin-based start-up aims to stand out in the crowded social networking market by focusing on image-rich profiles, providing a more engaging alternative to text-heavy competitors like LinkedIn.

The company’s unique approach has attracted significant interest from investors. Sunstone Capital, a leading venture capital firm, has led the funding round, with additional support from existing investors Index Ventures and SoundCloud co-founder, Eric Wahlforss.

Somewhere’s visually focused profiles allow users to showcase their professional lives through a series of pictures, rather than traditional text-based resumes. The platform encourages users to share images depicting their workspaces, projects, and inspirations, creating a more personalised and engaging professional profile.

This novel approach to professional networking has the potential to disrupt the industry, offering a more creative and engaging way for professionals to connect and share their experiences. However, Somewhere faces stiff competition from established platforms like LinkedIn, which boasts over 600 million users worldwide.

Despite this, Somewhere remains confident in its unique offering, believing that its focus on visual storytelling will appeal to a new generation of professionals seeking a more engaging and personalised networking experience. As the company continues to attract investment and grow its user base, the future looks promising for this innovative start-up.

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