Platform Design Toolkit offers a set of tools and resources for businesses to design and implement platform strategies. It’s a holistic approach to business design, focusing on how to create value through ecosystems rather than traditional value chains. The toolkit comprises a variety of resources, including a white paper, a canvas, and a set of cards, all of which are designed to facilitate the design process.

The toolkit’s white paper offers a comprehensive guide to platform design, detailing the principles, methodologies, and strategies involved. It’s a valuable resource for businesses looking to understand how to leverage the power of platforms.

The canvas is a visual tool that helps businesses map out their platform strategy. It’s designed to help businesses identify who their key stakeholders are, what value they can provide, and how they can foster interactions between them.

The cards are a set of prompts that help businesses brainstorm and ideate around their platform strategy. They’re designed to stimulate thinking and encourage businesses to consider different perspectives.

Platform Design Toolkit also offers a variety of training and consulting services to help businesses implement their platform strategies. These services are tailored to the specific needs of each business and are designed to provide practical, hands-on support.

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