Product Land is a tool designed to help product managers understand and communicate the structure of their product. It maps out the product’s landscape, showing its features, user journeys, and the relationships between them. This is particularly useful when dealing with complex digital products, which often have many interconnected parts.

Product Land uses a simple, visual language to represent different aspects of a product. Features are represented as buildings, while user journeys are represented as roads. The size and prominence of the buildings reflect the importance of the features they represent.

The tool also allows for the creation of different ‘views’, showing the product from different perspectives. These views can be used to highlight specific aspects of the product, making it easier to understand and discuss. They can also be used to create a shared understanding of the product within a team, helping to align everyone’s efforts.

One of the key benefits of Product Land is that it helps to break down silos within teams. By providing a shared visualisation of the product, it encourages collaboration and communication. It also helps to identify gaps and overlaps in the product, enabling teams to work more efficiently and effectively.

In essence, Product Land is a powerful tool for product managers, helping to bring clarity and understanding to complex digital products.

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