“Pulse” is a digital tool that enables organisations to measure their digital maturity. It is designed to assess the digital readiness of an organisation by evaluating various parameters, including strategy, leadership, culture, and technology. Pulse’s objective is to help organisations understand their current digital status and identify areas for improvement.

The tool utilises a scoring system to evaluate an organisation’s digital maturity. The score is calculated based on responses to a series of questions, which are designed to assess different aspects of the organisation. The responses are then analysed to provide a comprehensive picture of the organisation’s digital readiness.

Pulse also provides a benchmarking feature, allowing organisations to compare their scores with industry standards. This feature enables organisations to understand where they stand compared to their peers and competitors in terms of digital maturity.

Moreover, Pulse offers detailed reports that provide insights into the organisation’s digital maturity. These reports include recommendations for improving digital readiness, making Pulse a valuable tool for organisations looking to enhance their digital capabilities.

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