Pwnmeal, Extreme Gaming Oatmeal, teamed up with Cards Against Humanity to create a unique marketing stunt at the PAX East gaming convention. Attendees were given oatmeal packets containing special Cards Against Humanity cards, designed to parody the promotional tactics of gaming companies. Each packet contained a random selection of cards, with some being rarer than others, mimicking the ‘rare loot’ mechanic found in many video games.

The stunt was a hit, with convention-goers scrambling to collect all the cards. Some went as far as to trade their cards, similar to the trading of rare items in video games. The stunt was not without controversy, though. One card, ‘The PAX Pox’, was criticised for being in poor taste, given the history of disease outbreaks at conventions. Despite this, the overall response was positive, with many praising the stunt’s creativity.

Pwnmeal and Cards Against Humanity’s collaboration successfully satirised the gaming industry’s promotional tactics. It also demonstrated the potential for unconventional marketing strategies, providing an engaging and interactive experience for attendees. Despite some criticism, the stunt was generally well-received, highlighting the effectiveness of such innovative marketing approaches.

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