A real-time dashboard for office plumbing has been created by Mark Wilson of Fast Company. This innovative system, called the Well, uses sensors to monitor water usage in office buildings, providing data on how much water is being used, where, and when. The Well is designed to be easy to install and use, with a user-friendly interface that displays the data in a clear, easy-to-understand format.

The system is not just about monitoring water usage, but also about promoting water conservation. By providing real-time data on water usage, the Well helps to highlight areas where water is being wasted, allowing for improvements to be made. This could be particularly beneficial for large office buildings, where water usage can be substantial.

The Well also has a social element, allowing users to compare their water usage with others in the building. This encourages a sense of competition, motivating people to use less water and help conserve this precious resource. With the Well, water conservation becomes a shared responsibility, rather than an individual one.

In addition to promoting water conservation, the Well could also help to identify issues with the plumbing system. By monitoring water usage, the system can detect unusual patterns that could indicate a leak or other problem. This could potentially save companies a significant amount of money in repair and water bills.

The Well represents a new approach to water conservation, using technology to monitor and reduce water usage in office buildings. It is a practical, user-friendly solution that could have a significant impact on water conservation efforts.

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