BuddyPress community members are exploring options for a registration approval plugin. They are seeking a solution that allows site administrators to manually approve new user registrations, adding an extra layer of security and control. Several plugins, including ‘New User Approve’ and ‘BP Registration Options,’ are suggested as potential solutions.

‘New User Approve’ works by changing the registration process. New users are first asked to register, then the site administrator receives an email to approve or deny the application. Only upon approval does the new user receive their login details. This plugin is compatible with multisite installations.

‘BP Registration Options’ is another plugin that allows administrators to approve or deny new user registrations. This plugin also enables the creation of private networks by limiting who can view and interact with the BuddyPress/bbPress areas of a site until an administrator approves them.

Despite these options, some community members express concerns about the lack of a perfect solution. They highlight the need for a plugin that is specifically designed for BuddyPress, to ensure complete compatibility and functionality. The discussion underscores the importance of continued development and adaptation in the world of plugins.

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