Job Stories, a new approach to product development, are replacing User Stories. This shift is driven by the need for more context and causality in product design. User Stories, traditionally starting with ‘As a user, I want…’, often lack the necessary context and motivation behind user actions. They focus on the person, not the problem.

Job Stories, on the other hand, take the form ‘When…, I want to…, So I can…’. This format allows for a clearer understanding of the situation, motivation, and expected outcome. It focuses on the job to be done, not the user doing it. This shift of focus from user to job can lead to more innovative solutions, as it opens up possibilities beyond the current user base.

Furthermore, Job Stories are not tied to specific personas, making them more adaptable and future-proof. They encourage teams to think about why a job exists and what success looks like, rather than who is doing it. This can result in more meaningful and effective product designs.

In the end, Job Stories offer a fresh perspective on product development, promoting a more holistic, problem-focused approach. This can lead to more innovative, adaptable, and effective solutions.

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