The decline of newspapers is not synonymous with the demise of journalism. Rather, the collapse of the newspaper industry is a business failure, not a cultural one. Newspapers have lost their monopoly on the news, primarily due to the rise of the internet. The problem is not the disappearance of the news but the old business model that supported it.

In the past, newspapers were the primary source of news and had a monopoly on readers and advertisers. With the advent of the internet, this monopoly has been broken. The internet has made it possible for anyone to publish news, leading to an increase in competition and a decrease in profits for newspapers.

The solution to this problem is not to try to save newspapers but to save journalism. This can be achieved by creating new business models that support the production of news. One possible solution is to create non-profit organisations that fund journalism. This would allow journalists to continue to produce high-quality news without relying on the old newspaper business model.

While the collapse of the newspaper industry is a serious problem, it is not the end of journalism. By creating new business models, it is possible to ensure the survival of journalism in the digital age.

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