2015 boardroom priorities are split into two categories: business growth and risk management. Business growth is the top priority, with 53% of respondents focusing on it. This includes strategies like increasing sales, improving customer service, and launching new products or services. Risk management, on the other hand, is a priority for 47% of respondents. It involves managing cybersecurity risks and regulatory compliance.

Interestingly, boardroom priorities differ based on the size of the company. Larger firms focus more on risk management, while smaller ones prioritise business growth. This discrepancy is likely due to the fact that larger companies face more complex regulatory environments and are more susceptible to cyber threats.

In terms of industry, financial and healthcare sectors are more concerned with risk management. This is due to the high level of regulation in these industries. Conversely, the retail and hospitality sectors focus more on business growth, as they are more consumer-driven.

Finally, the report indicates that boardrooms are becoming increasingly technology-focused. This is reflected in their investment in areas such as data analytics, mobile technology, and cloud computing. The goal is to leverage technology to drive business growth and manage risks more effectively.

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