Social media success is not about follower count but engagement. It’s not about being everywhere but rather focusing on platforms that align with one’s audience. Social media users are not searching for brands; they’re looking for moments. Brands must create these moments of interest, not just talk about themselves.

Social media is not a sales channel; it’s a relationship-building tool. Brands should focus on establishing trust, providing value, and nurturing relationships rather than pushing sales. The key is to be genuinely social, not just do social media.

Paid advertising on social media can be effective, but it should not be the primary focus. Organic growth and engagement are more valuable in the long term. Brands should prioritise quality content that resonates with their audience, rather than just pumping out content for the sake of it.

Lastly, social media is not just about the present moment. It’s a long-term commitment. Brands should focus on building a strong, long-lasting presence rather than chasing after the latest trends or viral moments.

In essence, effective social media strategy is about engagement, providing value, focusing on the right platforms, and building long-term relationships.

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