Think tanks, once a source of innovative policy ideas, have become increasingly partisan, contributing to the polarisation of politics. The New America Foundation, a non-partisan think tank, is seeking to change this trend. Instead of producing lengthy reports that few read, New America is focusing on shorter, more accessible content, often multimedia and interactive.

New America is also investing in local initiatives, aiming to influence policy at a grassroots level. It funds fellowships for local journalists, supports community projects, and encourages its staff to engage directly with local communities. This approach is more likely to yield practical, workable solutions and to foster a more diverse range of ideas.

While some critics argue that think tanks should remain impartial, others suggest that they should take a more active role in policy debates. New America’s approach seems to be effective, with its work influencing policies on issues such as education and technology. Its success may encourage other think tanks to follow suit, potentially leading to a more constructive, less partisan policy landscape.

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