Seed-DB and have collaborated to publish a comprehensive list of 113 active accelerators in Europe. These accelerators, which have invested more than €39 million in 2,261 startups across the continent, are crucial to the European startup ecosystem. The United Kingdom leads the pack with 25 accelerators, followed by Germany with 18, and France with 13. Spain and Russia also feature significantly, with 9 and 7 accelerators respectively.

The report highlights that the average European accelerator invests €17,000 for a 6% equity stake. Additionally, the average accelerator programme lasts 12 weeks, with 77% providing office space for startups. Notably, the data reveals that 63% of accelerators are privately funded, while 37% receive public funds.

Regarding performance, accelerators have helped startups raise over €1 billion in follow-on funding. Yet, a mere 10% of accelerated startups have had successful exits, indicating a potential area for improvement.

In the global context, Europe lags behind the US, which boasts 111 accelerators in California alone. However, Europe’s accelerator landscape is growing, with 25 new programmes launched in 2014. The report suggests that this growth, along with increased funding and support, could help Europe compete on the global stage.

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