Russell Davies, a self-proclaimed ‘pointy-headed bureaucrat’, shares his experiences and insights into public speaking. He reveals that his greatest challenge is not the speaking itself, but rather the preparation. He emphasises the need for thorough planning and rehearsal, expressing a preference for writing everything down first and then learning it by heart. He acknowledges that this method may not work for everyone, but insists that it is crucial for him.

Davies also highlights the importance of having a clear structure and narrative in a speech, as well as the need to engage the audience with personal stories and humour. He notes that the use of slides can be beneficial, but warns against over-reliance on them. He suggests that they should be used to enhance the speech, not to carry it.

In addition, Davies discusses the value of feedback, admitting that he often seeks out criticism after his speeches. He believes that this helps him to improve and develop his skills. He also encourages others to embrace public speaking, asserting that anyone can become a good speaker with enough practice and preparation.

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