Einstein Copilot for Tableau makes data analysis accessible to every business user, and even suggests questions to users based on analyzing the business data and metadata.

Salesforce has introduced the beta version of Einstein Copilot for Tableau, a new capability designed to help users in every role and function explore data with AI assistance. 

Businesses tend to distribute insights from data in reports and dashboards created by expert analysts. Dashboards created in Tableau are visual and interactive, allowing users to adjust scope by exploring predefined guided paths. But sometimes a user doesn’t find the answer to their question in a dashboard. They need the ability to perform their own exploration of the data without the prerequisite for deep analytical training. With Einstein Copilot for Tableau, users can dive deep into their data, utilising Tableau’s powerful analytical engine through natural language to query and derive rich insights from data sources like spreadsheets, cloud and on-premises data warehouses, and Salesforce Data Cloud. 

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