Silicon Valley, home to the world’s leading tech companies, is not just a hub for innovation but also a breeding ground for a particular brand of masculinity. This ‘Dad’ persona is characterised by a paternalistic attitude, a penchant for practicality, and a distinct lack of fashion flair. It’s a persona that has permeated the tech industry, influencing everything from start-up culture to product design.

The ‘Dad’ persona, with its emphasis on functionality over aesthetics, has led to the creation of products that are practical but often uninspiring. The rise of ‘Dad tech’, as it’s known, is a response to the perceived feminisation of consumer goods, and a rejection of the sleek, minimalist designs favoured by companies like Apple.

This ‘Dad’ influence is also evident in the culture of tech companies. Employees are often encouraged to adopt a ‘Dad’ mindset, focusing on solving problems rather than worrying about appearances. This can lead to a culture that values efficiency over empathy, and practicality over creativity.

The ‘Dad’ persona is not without its critics, however. Some argue that it promotes a narrow view of masculinity and perpetuates harmful gender stereotypes. There are also concerns that the ‘Dad’ persona could be contributing to the lack of diversity in the tech industry. Despite these criticisms, the ‘Dad’ persona remains a powerful force in Silicon Valley, shaping the way tech companies operate and the products they create.

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