Bryan Kramer’s book, “Human to Human #H2H”, dismantles the notion that digital communication is an impersonal medium. Instead, it postulates that human connection is not only possible but also necessary in the digital age. The book argues that the key to successful communication, whether personal or professional, lies in simplicity, empathy, and imperfection. Kramer suggests that these elements help to create a more authentic and relatable human experience.

The book also introduces the concept of “Shareology”, which explores how, why, and what people share. Kramer asserts that understanding this concept can aid businesses in enhancing their marketing strategies. In the digital age, the power of sharing cannot be underestimated, and understanding the psychology behind it can give businesses a significant advantage.

“Human to Human #H2H” and “Shareology” are not just about marketing strategies, but they are guides for navigating the digital age. They offer insights into how to connect, engage, and communicate more effectively in an increasingly digital world. They encourage the reader to embrace the human elements of communication, even in a digital context.

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