SharePoint Server 2016 has been updated, offering a range of new features and improvements. The update focuses on delivering innovative experiences to users and enhancements to on-premises and online deployments. The primary goal is to empower people to discover, share and collaborate on content from anywhere, on any device.

The update also emphasises hybrid capabilities, enabling users to take advantage of the cloud at their own pace. Cloud-accelerated experiences are another key feature, providing users with significant investments in data centres with the option to enhance their on-premises deployments.

User experiences have also been enhanced, with a focus on people-centric file storage and collaboration. This includes the introduction of simple controls and a consistent user interface across screens.

Finally, the update is committed to compliance and reporting, with new features providing insights into user behaviour. The aim is to help organisations meet compliance requirements, manage risk and protect their business.

Overall, the SharePoint Server 2016 update is designed to enhance user experience, facilitate collaboration, and ensure compliance and security.

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