In the midst of World War II, Russian soldiers were given a rifle each, but only half were provided with bullets. The idea was that the unarmed soldiers would pick up ammunition from their fallen comrades, thus ensuring a continued fight against the enemy. This mentality is likened to the advertising industry, where creatives are given the tools (ideas), but not the ammunition (knowledge) to effectively use them.

The industry is so focused on innovation that it often overlooks the importance of understanding the basic principles and history of advertising. This lack of knowledge leads to repeated mistakes, as new generations of creatives fail to learn from the past.

The story of the Russian soldiers is also a metaphor for the lack of mentorship in the advertising industry. Experienced creatives should pass on their knowledge and experience to the younger generation, thus providing them with the ammunition they need.

The need for a balance between innovation and knowledge is emphasised. Creatives need to understand the rules before they can break them, and they need to know the past to innovate for the future. Ignorance is not an excuse for poor advertising, and the industry needs to recognise the importance of knowledge and mentorship.

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