Holacracy, an organisational structure, aims to distribute authority, fostering a more collaborative, transparent, and efficient work environment. It abandons traditional hierarchical models in favour of a decentralised approach, empowering individuals and teams. Holacracy is a registered trademark but is open-source, meaning anyone can use, modify, and distribute it, provided they adhere to its core rules.

Holacracy’s constitution acts as its rulebook, outlining the system’s principles and practices. It is continually updated and refined based on user feedback and experiences, ensuring its relevance and efficacy. Holacracy’s constitution is available in multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience.

Holacracy also offers a variety of tools and resources to support its implementation. These include GlassFrog, a software platform designed to facilitate holacratic practices, and a range of training programs and coaching services. Holacracy’s commitment to open-source principles extends to these resources, promoting transparency and collaboration.

Holacracy’s open-source approach has seen it adopted by companies worldwide, including Zappos and David Allen Company. Its promise of a more efficient, collaborative, and empowering work environment continues to draw interest and inspire change in organisational structures.

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