Philips, the multinational technology company, has adopted a slow and steady approach to social business, reaping significant benefits. The company’s intranet, dubbed ‘Philips People Services,’ is one of its most successful social business initiatives, serving as a central hub for HR services and resources. The platform has led to significant cost savings and efficiency improvements, with the company claiming that 80% of HR inquiries are now handled online.

In addition, Philips has launched a ‘Social Media Hub,’ offering employees training and resources to become more adept at using social media. The company has also developed a ‘Digital @ Work’ initiative, encouraging employees to integrate digital tools into their daily work. This initiative has seen a significant uptick in the use of digital tools, with 75% of employees now using at least one digital tool in their daily work.

Despite this success, Philips acknowledges that the transition to social business has not been without challenges. The company stresses the importance of a slow and steady approach, with a focus on overcoming resistance and fostering a culture of digital adoption. Philips’ experience underscores the potential of social business, but also the need for patience and perseverance in its implementation.

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