“Social technology is revolutionising leadership and management, while offering new opportunities for organisations to improve their performance. By leveraging social media platforms, companies can facilitate collaboration, innovation, and engagement among employees. This shift towards a more social business model has been driven by the rise of digital natives – individuals who have grown up in a digital environment and are comfortable using technology in their daily lives.

These digital natives demand a more dynamic, transparent, and collaborative work culture, challenging traditional hierarchical structures. Leaders are required to adapt their approach, becoming more transparent, accessible, and collaborative. This shift is not without challenges, including issues of privacy, security, and the need to maintain a balance between openness and control.

Despite these challenges, the potential benefits of social technology are significant. Research indicates that companies that successfully integrate social technology into their operations can achieve higher levels of productivity, innovation, and employee satisfaction. The key to success lies in creating a culture that embraces change and encourages the use of social technology in a responsible and productive manner.”

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