Solve Together is a non-profit initiative aimed at solving the world’s most pressing challenges by encouraging collaboration and innovation. It operates on the belief that everyone has the potential to make a difference, regardless of their background or resources. The initiative seeks to foster a global community, inviting individuals, organisations, and governments to join forces and share their unique perspectives and ideas.

Solve Together’s approach involves three key steps: defining the problem, brainstorming solutions, and implementing the best ideas. The process begins with identifying a global challenge, followed by a call for solutions from the community. The proposals are then assessed by a panel of experts, with the most promising ones selected for implementation.

The initiative is underpinned by a set of core values, including inclusivity, creativity, and collaboration. It recognises that solutions can come from anywhere and that everyone has a role to play in tackling global challenges. Solve Together is committed to providing a platform where all voices can be heard and where innovative ideas can be turned into reality.

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