Social analytics firm Brandwatch partnered with SSG, a global strategy consulting firm, to identify new markets for expansion using social data. SSG’s approach involved a three-step process: identifying potential markets, profiling these markets, and validating the results.

Brandwatch’s social data was used to identify potential markets by analysing conversations about specific industries. Once potential markets were identified, they were profiled using demographic, behavioural, and psychographic data. This data was then validated through a series of tests, helping to determine the likelihood of success in each market.

The partnership between SSG and Brandwatch resulted in the identification of several new markets, including the pet care industry. Social data indicated a high level of conversation about pet care, and further analysis revealed a market dominated by women aged 25-34, who were highly engaged in online discussions about pet care.

This case study demonstrates the power of social analytics in identifying new markets for business expansion. By using social data, companies can gain insights into consumer behaviour and interests, helping them to make informed decisions about where to expand their business.

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