Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur and academic, delivered a compelling speech at the ESADE Business School’s commencement ceremony. He emphasised the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of failure, citing his own experiences of business failure and success. Blank encouraged graduates to embrace failure as a stepping stone towards success, highlighting that learning from failures can lead to greater achievements.

Blank also underscored the significance of passion and perseverance, urging the graduates to follow their dreams and not to be deterred by obstacles. He stressed that passion is a key factor in achieving success, and that it often outweighs knowledge and skills.

In addition, Blank advised the graduates to be open to change and to continuously adapt to new circumstances. He pointed out that the ability to adapt is a crucial skill in the ever-changing business landscape. Blank concluded his speech by urging the graduates to make a positive impact on the world, stating that success is not just about personal gain, but also about contributing to society.

This inspiring speech provided valuable insights and life lessons for the graduates, equipping them with the mindset and skills necessary to navigate the challenging world of business.

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