Teacher training in the UK is under fire for allegedly undermining the teaching of science. Critics argue that trainee teachers are being indoctrinated with anti-science ideologies, which are then passed on to their students. These ideologies are said to be grounded in postmodernist theories that reject the idea of objective truth, thus undermining the principles of scientific inquiry. A key concern is the influence of these ideologies on the teaching of climate change, a subject that requires a solid understanding of scientific principles.

The criticism is not limited to the teaching of science. Critics argue that trainee teachers are also being taught to view mathematics as a social construct, which could have serious implications for the teaching of this subject.

The Department for Education has responded to these concerns by stating that it expects all teacher training courses to promote a broad and balanced curriculum. However, critics argue that the government’s response is insufficient. They call for a more robust approach to ensure that teacher training courses adhere to the principles of scientific inquiry and do not promote ideologies that undermine these principles.

In response to the criticism, some educators argue that teaching is inherently political and that it is impossible to separate ideology from education. They maintain that the aim of education is not just to impart knowledge, but also to promote critical thinking and social justice.

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