Stowe Boyd’s manifesto, “The People’s Front,” centres on the idea of a ‘post-normal’ era. Boyd suggests that the world is moving away from the ‘normal’ era, defined by predictability and stability, towards a ‘post-normal’ era, characterised by uncertainty, complexity, and contradiction. He believes that this shift calls for a new approach to work, leadership, and business.

Boyd’s manifesto outlines three key principles: Edge, Depth, and Breadth. ‘Edge’ refers to the need for businesses to focus on the future, rather than being anchored in the past. ‘Depth’ emphasises the importance of understanding and addressing the underlying issues that shape our world. ‘Breadth’ encourages individuals and organisations to broaden their perspectives and consider the wider implications of their actions.

Boyd also highlights the need for a new form of leadership in the post-normal era. He argues that the traditional, top-down approach to leadership is no longer effective. Instead, he advocates for ‘adhocracy’ – a flexible, adaptable form of organisation that can respond quickly to change.

Finally, Boyd stresses the importance of collaboration and community in the post-normal era. He suggests that the success of businesses and individuals will increasingly depend on their ability to collaborate and build strong, supportive communities.

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