The concept of ‘American Fascism’ is explored, likening it to a snake with two heads. One head symbolises the obvious, overt fascism, while the other represents a subtler, more insidious form. The overt head is characterised by violent, racist, and extremist groups, often armed and dangerous. These groups are easy to identify and condemn due to their explicit beliefs and actions.

The subtler head is more challenging to detect, often disguised under the guise of patriotism and national security. This form of fascism is embedded in the US government and societal structures, using propaganda, misinformation and manipulation to control the populace. It’s less visible but equally destructive.

Both forms of fascism feed off fear, insecurity, and ignorance, using these emotions to gain and maintain power. The insidious form is arguably more dangerous due to its invisibility and acceptance within society. It is crucial to recognise and combat both forms of fascism to maintain a democratic, free society.

The article further examines the role of the media in perpetuating this subtle form of fascism. The mainstream media often acts as a mouthpiece for government propaganda, furthering the narrative of fear and division. This manipulation of information is a key tool in maintaining control and power.

Finally, the piece suggests that education is the most effective weapon against fascism. By promoting critical thinking and fostering an understanding of history, society can resist manipulation and challenge fascist ideologies.

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