Fostering a creative environment within a team can lead to the development of innovative solutions and ideas. One method to achieve this is by ‘bombing’ the team’s mind and structure, a disruptive technique that encourages the team to think outside of their usual patterns. This involves shaking up the team’s routine, introducing new experiences, and challenging them with unfamiliar situations.

The process starts with ‘mind bombing’, which is about breaking down the team’s preconceived notions and biases. This can be achieved through various means, such as introducing new technologies, inviting guest speakers from different sectors, or taking the team on field trips to unfamiliar environments. The aim is to expose the team to new ideas and perspectives that challenge their current thinking.

The second part is ‘structural bombing’, which involves changing the team’s working environment. This could mean altering the physical layout of the office, changing the team’s roles or responsibilities, or introducing new working methods. The goal is to disrupt the team’s comfort zone and force them to adapt to new ways of working.

This approach can be challenging and may initially lead to discomfort or resistance from the team. However, it can ultimately result in a more innovative, adaptable, and resilient team that is better equipped to deal with change and develop creative solutions.

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