Teaming at GE Aviation is a unique approach to problem-solving that encourages employees to collaborate and innovate. The process begins with identifying a challenge that needs addressing. Employees then form a team, with the freedom to choose their members, and begin brainstorming solutions. They have access to a ‘playbook’ containing proven problem-solving methodologies, but there is no prescribed way to use it. The team can experiment with different techniques and adapt them to their specific situation.

This approach has led to significant improvements in safety, quality, and productivity. For example, a team at a facility in North Carolina reduced the time it took to change a jet engine’s blades from 10 hours to just 2.

The success of the teaming approach has led to its adoption across GE Aviation’s global operations. It has also led to a shift in the company’s culture, with employees now seeing themselves as problem solvers rather than just workers.

Teaming at GE Aviation is not just about solving problems, though. It’s also about creating a more engaged and motivated workforce. By giving employees the autonomy to tackle challenges in their own way, the company is empowering them to take ownership of their work and, in turn, boosting their job satisfaction.

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