Techfugees, a global non-profit, harnesses the potential of digital technology to help refugees. The organisation, founded in 2015, is now active in 25 countries, with a focus on five key areas: infrastructure, education, identity, health, and inclusion. Techfugees’ aim is to empower displaced people, using technology as a tool for social inclusion and self-reliance.

Through its global challenges, hackathons, and fellowships, Techfugees encourages innovation and collaboration. These events bring together tech experts, entrepreneurs, and refugees to develop practical, sustainable solutions to issues faced by displaced people. The Techfugees Global Summit, held annually, is a key event, showcasing the most innovative projects and ideas.

Techfugees also provides a platform for refugees to share their stories and experiences, promoting understanding and empathy. The organisation’s Techfugees Data Hub compiles data on refugee situations worldwide, offering a valuable resource for researchers, policy makers, and those working in the field.

The organisation’s impact is significant. Its programmes have benefited over 20,000 refugees so far, with a goal to reach one million by 2022. Techfugees’ work has received recognition from major institutions, including the United Nations and the European Commission. The organisation continues to expand its reach, advocating for digital inclusion and the power of technology to transform lives.

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