Hank Green has introduced the concept of 1,000 CPM (Cost Per Mille) as a way to earn a living online. The idea is based on the notion that if a creator can get 1,000 people to give them $1 per month, they can earn $1,000 monthly, providing a sustainable income. This approach challenges the traditional advertising model where creators rely on millions of views to generate revenue.

Green has observed that people are willing to pay for content that they find valuable. This is evident in the success of platforms like Patreon, where creators receive direct financial support from fans. The 1,000 CPM model also enables creators to focus on quality over quantity, as they no longer need to chase viral success to make a living.

However, the model is not without its challenges. It requires creators to build a loyal fan base willing to pay for their content, which can take time and effort. Furthermore, not all content is suitable for this model. For instance, educational content may struggle to find a paying audience. Despite these challenges, the 1,000 CPM model presents an alternative way for creators to monetise their content and sustain their creative endeavours.

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