Modern management is experiencing a significant shift due to the crumbling of its three pillars: efficiency, scalability, and predictability. The focus on efficiency, often at the expense of effectiveness, has led to a culture of short-termism. This tendency to prioritise immediate gains over long-term success is damaging to businesses in the long run.

Scalability, the second pillar, is also under threat. With the rise of digital technology, businesses no longer need to grow in size to increase their output. Today, small companies can have a global reach without expanding their workforce, questioning the traditional concept of scalability.

Lastly, the predictability pillar is shaken by the increasing volatility of the business environment. In a world marked by rapid change and uncertainty, it is becoming increasingly difficult for managers to forecast future trends accurately.

To adapt to these changes, businesses need to embrace a new model of management. This model should value effectiveness over efficiency, flexibility over scalability, and adaptability over predictability. By doing so, they can navigate the challenges of the modern business landscape and secure their long-term success.

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