IDEO, a global design company, operates on seven core values that guide its innovative approach. These values include ‘be optimistic’, ‘collaborate’, ’embrace ambiguity’, ‘learn from failure’, ‘make others successful’, ‘take ownership’, and ‘talk less, do more’.

IDEO’s optimism is more than just a sunny disposition; it’s a belief in the potential for design to solve seemingly intractable problems. Collaboration is critical to the company’s success, with a focus on diverse teams and shared ideas. Embracing ambiguity allows IDEO to navigate the unknown and discover new solutions.

Learning from failure is another key value, as it offers valuable insights and drives improvement. Making others successful is a reflection of the company’s team-oriented culture, encouraging employees to support each other’s success. Taking ownership means being responsible for the outcomes of one’s work, and finally, ‘talk less, do more’ emphasises action over discussion.

These values have shaped IDEO’s unique culture and contributed to its reputation as a leader in design and innovation.

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