Michael Buckley, Facebook’s Head of Tech Communications, shares his top PR advice. First, he emphasises the importance of storytelling, advising to create a narrative that is both truthful and compelling. Secondly, he suggests focusing on the product, not the company, as the product is what ultimately solves a problem for the consumer.

Buckley also advises building relationships with journalists, as they are key to getting your story out. He suggests being transparent and honest, and not trying to control the narrative too tightly. He also recommends being prepared for crises, as they are inevitable in any business.

Finally, Buckley highlights the importance of internal communications, saying that employees should be the first to know about any major company news. He suggests using the same principles of storytelling and honesty in internal communications as in external ones.

Buckley’s advice is based on his years of experience in PR and communications, and provides valuable insights for anyone looking to improve their PR strategy.

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