A significant disconnect between human resources (HR) and staff is highlighted in a recent study, with 80% of HR leaders believing they are trusted advisors, but only 22% of employees agreeing. This disconnect can lead to issues such as low morale, decreased productivity, and high employee turnover.

Furthermore, the study reveals that 75% of HR leaders feel they have a seat at the executive table, compared to only 37% of employees. This discrepancy suggests that HR’s perceived influence within the company is much higher than what is recognised by employees.

Interestingly, 70% of HR leaders believe their initiatives positively impact their organisation, while only 31% of employees agree. This gap in perception could lead to ineffective HR strategies, as employees may not see the value in these initiatives.

Additionally, the study shows that 65% of HR leaders believe they understand their employees’ needs, but only 32% of employees feel understood. This disconnect could potentially hinder HR’s ability to effectively address employee concerns and needs.

Finally, the study indicates that only 33% of HR leaders believe they need to invest more in training their teams, compared to 63% of employees. This suggests a lack of alignment in perceptions of training needs and could result in underinvestment in employee development.

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