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HR is at a crossroads. At a time when volatile market conditions demand new organisational structures and ways of working that allow the business to adapt and thrive, many HR departments are still busy managing an old legacy operation concerned more with admin than the future of work. HR needs to undertake its own transformation — from Administrator to Innovator.

Transforming HR while maintaining legacy activities and managing the last generation of transactional software is not easy. HR leaders need to nurture a new mindset within their own function before they can advise the business on modern working structures and digital leadership models. So where to begin?

Extending the HR team’s own skills and knowledge is a good start, as well as enabling digital leadership capabilities and better working structures. But the missing link in many digital transformation initiatives is involving the workforce in setting change goals. HR can and should initiate a distributed conversation on what needs to change, and what everyone can contribute to building the future organisation. 

We support HR leaders at every step of the digital change journey. Tailoring our engagements to suit specific strategic needs or urgent tactical requirements, we draw on decades of experience in social business design and our iterative approach to digital business change to quickly deliver tangible results.


  • Lack of in-house digital skills
  • Making better use of social tech
  • Engaging a distributed workforce
  • Limited input into digital strategy
  • Reinventing HR while managing legacy
  • Empowering leaders with digital skills
  • Finding next generation digital leaders
  • Managing expectations of digital workers
  • Better collaboration across digital platforms
  • Implementing agile ways of working 


Help define the target business capabilities for digital transformation by using social platforms to host distributed conversations with the workforce. Gain situational awareness beyond employee surveys with data insights from enterprise social networks and HR systems.

Our Digital Capabilities Development services:

  • Custom insights on digital capabilities
  • Social analytics & data visualisations
  • Workforce outreach planning & comms
  • Pilot projects setup & measurement


Connected companies need connected leaders who can thrive in a networked world. We also need better digital leadership throughout the organisation. Cultivating leadership behaviours at all levels helps create a culture of action and accountability.

Our Digital Leadership Enablement services:

  • Executive team briefings & guidance
  • Inspiring future of leadership workshops
  • Diagnostics on leadership health metrics
  • Digital function design & development


Digital transformation means upgrading our org structures and practices as well as shiny new tech. HR should play a key role in communicating how this can improve employee experience. We help HR leaders pilot digital tools and techniques in a ‘protected space’ and learn what works.

Our Future of Work services:

  • Lessons from startup ways of working
  • Digital culture activation
  • Distributed change management
  • Agile teams development & support


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